Dave Evans, Christchurch (CLAIMS STORY)

On New Year’s Eve day 2015 after presenting with a very sore back that seemed to be getting worse after an original diagnosis of a sprained rib and weeks of physiotherapy I was advised that I had 6 separate compression fractures down my vertebrae and that was because I had Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the bloods plasma that effectively eats bone.
This was obviously a significant shock that took time to come to terms with however I was advised after more tests that I was only in stage 1, and young (57!) and although there is no cure, a long-term remission was quite possible after treatment.
So, I underwent 9 months of Chemotherapy, a Stem Cell Transplant and 3 back operations to glue my vertebrae back together.
I am now in remission and back at work alternating every second month travelling to Papua New Guinea and feeling great.
Throughout my treatment, Ross and the crew at Sorted for Life took complete care of all my insurance entitlements including the back operations and my Trauma coverage pay-out. All this happened without me having to worry about dealing with forms or insurance company people and that left me able to concentrate on my treatment and getting well again.
Mission accomplished and sincere thanks to Ross, firstly for the great advice as to my total insurance cover, then when I needed to stake my claim the process could not have been easier.

Dave Evans

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