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Tips for choosing a Mortgage Adviser

If this is your first foray into homebuying, or if you’re refinancing, finding the perfect home loan can feel like a maze. These days there are plenty of loans available through multiple providers so even knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming.

At Sorted for Life we believe a mortgage adviser is the best solution when trying to secure financing, someone who is happy to be by your side to make sense of the complex process. A mortgage adviser will search the market from big financial institutions that you already know and trust through to small banks and credit unions and will work with you to find the right loan to match your goals and financial position.


Here are some key things that a mortgage adviser should do for you:

  1. Assess your needs and financial position and recommend competitive loan options
  2. Take the time to explain the full process, from application to settlement
  3. Do most of the leg work, acting as an intermediary and negotiating with the lender
  4. Complete mountains of paperwork, leaving you to simply review and add your signature
  5. Liaise with key parties, including solicitors and real estate agents (and you!) to ensure a smooth settlement
  6. Perform ongoing reviews for you after settlement to make sure you always have a competitive loan


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